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EBook Maestro PRO

In the beginning man conceived a thought and, behold, it was very good. And man said, let the thought acquire its form and shape and created an eBook. And man said, let the eBook bring forth multimedia, controls, search engines, and encryption after the

EBook Maestro FREE

EBook Maestro is a potent eBook compiler that can both frame your ideas into an effective independent presentation and protect them against changes and copyright violations. The freeware eBook maker offers full support of multimedia content and various


EBook Maestro STANDARD  v.

EBook Maestro STANDARD is a powerful, commercial eBook compiler that produces feature-rich presentations while allowing complete control over customization, security and features.

Master Ebook Editor  v.1.0

Convert your ebook to a sound file and give your ebook a sales boost by making a sound file from your ebook for distribution and get more sales. Uses installed computer voices already in your computer.

EBook Reader  v.11 52

The eBook Reader is designed to collaborate and manage your marine/insurance documents. Whether they are free to download or paid for download, now you can store your marine/insurance eBooks in one place making it ideal for when you need them most.

Page Turning for eBook  v.2.6

Page Turning for eBook converter, Page Turning eBook to Flash application, is digital publishing software that allows you to quickly and easily create native page turning digital publications, fashion e-Magazines, e-Brochures, e-Catalogue, etc.

E Power Wrap Ebook Compiler Software  v.

E Power Wrap is marketing software to help with list building by making easy for anyone to create their own exe e-book download files to used as an incentive to get people to opt-in on their list building page.

Free Page Flip eBook Creator  v.1.0

Free Page Flip eBook Creator Page Flip eBook Creator - a helpful software for free Feather: Convert your txt files (even other file formats, such as pdf) to animated page flip eBooks conveniently.

CHM EBook Editor

A CHM eBook Created tool that is based on the database and the html templates, Fast and Visual. The html templates resources include HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JPG, JPEG, GIF Flash, MIDI, ZIP, RAR, etc. CHM EBook Editor can conveniently import many text

The Beginners Bible to Techno Music Making, Marketing and Selling.

Make a Techno/ Dance/ Trance track without ANY music equipment or knowledge...then sell it! Ebook contains everything you need to know with TOTAL beginners guides. Additionally you will get 4 hours of free web video, your own batch of free samples, free

Tempting Tiny Taste Buds Ebook

A complete guide to solid feeding! This ebook, compiling the extensive information from the Homemade Baby Food Recipes website, includes nutrition guidelines, feeding tips and a wide range of nutritious baby food recipes. Learn to become head chef for a

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